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Many people's first impression of your business, is online.

There is no question about it, when people are trying to decide who to do business with they look online first. So how does your website look?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out.

  • Can people easily contact me from any page?
    • Is your phone number, email address or contact form on every single page of your site?
  • Is my site accessible on mobile phones, tablets and computers?
    • Each device should have its own customized view.
    • Cell phone web searches made up more that 50% of all online traffic last year. How easy is it for these people to interact with your site?
    • The iPhone is the #1 most purchased consumer electronic of all time.
  • Do I currently get at least 20% percent of my overall business from my site? (Directly or indirectly)
  • Do I have a strong “Call to Action” on each page?
  • Do people use my contact forms?
  • Can I track my website’s performance with data? Do I know how many people visited my web page last month?
    • Every industry is different, but if you are not getting a large portion of your clients or supporters from your website, it’s time for an update.

Contact Content Cloud Marketing today to get a free website audit and consultation. We offer a free service to review your current website & makes suggestions. Get some knowledge about current web standards and a professional advice from industry veterans.


My team has been developing websites and helping small businesses grow online for over a decade. Let us bring you the best the web has to offer. Contact us today to get started.

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